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Pet bed – 6 Benefits of Dog Beds

Pet bed

Pet bed

Pet bed – Just as we wouldn’t feel comfortable sleeping on the floor, our canine friends often don’t like it either. To ensure that they get a good night’s sleep, dogs need a proper bed that makes them feel safe and cosy at night. Since dogs sleep about 12 to 16 hours a day, it is a good idea to invest in a good quality dog bed that your furry friend will surely love. Here are a few dog bed benefits listed below:

1. Great for Dogs with Arthritis and Joint Pain

As they age, dogs tend to develop arthritis, a degenerative disease of the cartilage between the bone joints. It is a painful condition that causes joint swelling and stiffness and makes it difficult for dogs to stand up, sit or climb up and down the stairs.

Sleeping on a hard floor can worsen the condition and make it difficult for your dog to rest and get adequate hours of sleep. This can cause your dog to become irritable and cranky. Dog beds are softer and help ease your dog’s aching joints.

2. A Pet Bed Is the Dog’s Own Space

Dogs, like humans, like to have their own space. Since they are territorial by nature, they like to have a place they can call their own. Having their own private retreat where they can go to relax and get some peace makes dogs feel more like they are part of the family.

3. It Ensures a Good Night’s Sleep

To ensure a good night’s sleep, dogs need the following:

  • A peaceful and quiet location that is away from the hustle and bustle of the family.
  • A soft and comfortable bed that is cosy and warm.
  • A bed that is the right size for the dog, not too small.

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for the health and well-being of the dog. It improves memory, helps them follow commands, prevents them from being disobedient and cranky, and maintains their energy levels.

4. Reduces Cleaning Time of a Pet bed

Having a dog bed can reduce your cleaning time significantly as your dog will be spending most of its time in it. So dirty paw prints, drool and shedded fur will no longer have to be cleaned from the bed, furniture, rugs, and carpet. It’s a good idea to get a dog bed that has a removable and washable cover so it can easily be cleaned.

Most dog beds have a removable cover that can be popped into the washing machine and easily cleaned. Plastic dog beds can be washed and disinfected once every two weeks, and their cushioned pads can be machine washed.

Goyo Pets pet beds have you covered with the best dog beds in many different types. Elevated ones, lower ones, heated ones, plastic ones, and mesh ones. There are many kennel-shaped pet houses as well as pet pods. You can visit our website and decide which one is best for your dog.

5. Protects Your Furniture

Dogs like to sleep on elevated and comfortable places like your bed, the sofa, or your couch. They may bring dirt from outdoors or shed fur on furniture items. Sometimes they scratch the place they are about to lie down. This can damage your furniture and your carpet, which can be quite frustrating, especially if you bought it recently.

6. It Keeps the Dog Warm and Cosy

Dogs have a higher normal body temperature than humans, which means they feel colder than we do. Dogs need to be kept warm on cold winter nights; dog beds help tremendously. Some dog beds come with inbuilt heating equipment that provides gentle heating, which combines with the dog’s body heat.

It helps keep your dog warm at night and relax its joints and muscles. Some dog beds come without heating, but they have soft cushions that your dog can sink into and relax.

Heat pads are also available separately, so they can be placed in your dog’s bed with a blanket on top for extra cold winter nights. They can also be used inside whelping boxes if your female dog is about to give birth to keep new-born puppies warm.

How often should you change a Pet bed?

Usually. Good quality, washable dog beds last a long time. But the following conditions might require you to consider replacing your dog’s bed:

  • If your dog has outgrown the bed, you may want to get one in a bigger size.
  • If your dog has had a pest infestation and suffered a lot of hair loss and its bed does not have a washable cover, you may want to consider replacing it.
  • If your dog bed has loose strings, holes, or tears, which can be a choking hazard for your dog, you would need to replace its bed.

Normally dog beds normally last 3 to 5 years depend on the wear and tear and do not need to be replaced before then, but obviously, it depends on your dog’s hygiene maintenance and general behaviour.

The Bottom Line on Pet bed

A dog bed is a fantastic accessory for your dog. It has many benefits and is a great way to maintain a healthy relationship with your dog. With its own designated spot, your dog is less likely to disrupt your peace and is more disciplined and well-behaved. Dogs also like having their own privacy, so it is a win-win situation for both of you.

If you are looking for the best dog bed or a heating pad for your dog, do not hesitate to contact us at Goyo Pets and order online. Established many years ago with a wealth of experience in all sorts of pet supplies and equipment. Delivering worldwide and happy to assist you with anything you need!