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Aquarium Testing Kit

Aquarium Testing Kit, Fish Feeding and Fish Health

Aquarium Testing

Fish Feeding

Aquarium Testing Kit – Aquarium water quality is the most important aspect of an aquarium closely followed by proper feeding it is obvious but essential to keeping your fish healthy. Keeping an aquarium testing to hand is a good idea. Well fed fish have a much stronger immune system and will be better at fighting off disease.

A good combination of a staple food, occasional treat foods and frozen foods is best for all fish.

Staple aquarium dry foods like flake are complete foods that contain all the vitamins and minerals that fish will need to survive and grow.

Frozen foods are normally whole foods that have been freshly frozen. They offer the fish variety, and condition them for times of breeding and better coloration. Frozen foods can themselves be varied to provide more variety.

You need to consider the feeding requirements of the different fish species you have and do your best to accommodate them. Once you have a meal plan, choose a food size that suits the size of the fish. Large Oscars need large, protein-rich food sticks and small rasboras need micro pellets or crushed flake, check how often your fish should be fed.

Fast moving swimming and active aquarium fish have fast metabolisms and should be fed little and often. Larger, slower swimming fish such as big catfish will eat more at once rather than often, they use less energy in the daytime, and can be fed once per day or even every other day.

Do not over feed your aquarium you should remove food not eaten.


Fish health Aquarium Testing Kit

Most fish health problems stem from the water quality, you should regularly change the water and keep it maintained doing this will give you very few problems, but fish can still able to become ill sometimes.

Poor fish health signs

The 3 main problems, White-spot – Fungus – Fin Rot

Aquarium Testing Kit White-spot:

Spots are circular and around the size of a pin head? Its a parasitic infection? It is a common issue with aquarium fish but is easy to treat, you must catch it in time, if the fish gets too ill it is even hard to recover. It is mostly brought on by stress in the fish.

Aquarium Testing Kit Fungus: 

This looks similar to cotton wool on a fish and is a secondary infection that may have resulted from poor handling, injury or poor water quality. Fish with fungus are best isolated.

Fin rot:

This comes from damage caused by long periods of poor water quality.  Changing water regular is the answer. Treat fish with an antibacterial solution.


Fish Tips on Aquarium Testing Kit

Always remove carbon from your filter when adding medications. Carbon removes medication and will render them useless.

White-spot Rise the water temperature whilst treating the fish, this makes treatments more effective.

Aerating the water heavily before giving medications helps the fish breathe.

Always read the label before treating your tank as some medications could be harmful to other members of the aquarium.

White-spot caused by stress find out the cause for a better more effective treatment.