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Buying a Parrot

Buying a Parrot

Buying a Parrot

Buying a Parrot – Birds make excellent pets, and parrots are one of the most popular kinds of pets that you can own. But if you’ve never cared for a pet parrot before, then you may be wondering what you’re supposed to do.

Pet parrots are very popular since they are intelligent, have a long life span, and even have the potential to talk. If you want to buy a pet parrot, then know that you’ll need to invest more time into caring for them. You’ll need a bird cage that’s large enough for your new companion to feel at home in. You’ll need to feed them the right food, and provide them with the right accessories as well.

What You Should Know About The Needs Of Buying a Parrot

An important thing that you should know about parrots is that they are not domesticated in the way dogs and cats are. When in the wild, birds tend to fly around for most of the day. They gather food and spend time socializing with other birds. When you bring home a pet parrot, you’ll need to help them carry out the same behaviors they would in the wild.

Providing Mental, Physical and Social Stimulation

You’ll need to provide your parrot with ample stimulation in order for them to be happy. Otherwise, there is a risk they’ll become bored. Provide them with toys, teach them new tricks. You can even include your new parrot into your daily routine. Whether your watching TV or reading a book, keep your pet parrot next to you.

You can even think about creating a play stand for your parrot in another room. This provides them with the opportunity to spend time in a new environment, outside their parrot cage. You can buy play stands at any pet supply store, or you can look online. Look for a size that you think is suitable for your parrot.

Caring For Your Pet Parrot

If you want to care for your parrot, then note that different species of parrots have different needs. When you choose to bring a pet parrot home, you’re embarking on a big journey. You’ll need to have the right essentials in order to ensure that your new pet can feel as comfortable as possible. Here’s everything you need to care for your pet parrot:

1. Buying a Parrot Bird Cage

The first thing you’ll need to bring home is a large sized bird cage. When you go to buy bird cages, you’ll find that there are different sizes available to you. Even if you’re getting a young pet parrot, always opt for a bird cage that is bigger. You’ll need to keep in mind what size your parrot will likely be once it reaches maturity.

If you buy smaller bird cages, then you may need to buy a larger one later on, when your parrot is full grown. You’ll also find that there are different features in the different bird cages.

Some bird cages come with an attached stand that the pet bird can sit on. Some have attached water bottles that the bird can drink out of anytime they like. A pet parrot will need a lot more space than a budgie or a canary, so keep this in mind while buying your parrot cage. The bird cage should also be cleaned on a daily basis.

2. Water and Fluids

You should provide your pet parrot with access to water at all times. Their water bowls as well as food bowls also needs to be washed on a daily basis. You can think keeping an extra set of food and water bowls, so you can swap them out every alternate day. Parrots end up dropping a lot of their food in the water. This means that their water gets soiled.

This is why you need to change the water every day, so that the water doesn’t become home to bacteria. You can also train your parrot to use a water bottle that is attached to the cage, upside down. The parrot will need to move the tip of the attached tube to release the water.

3. Food and Diet

The nutritional requirements for different types of parrots can vary by species. So ensure that you do research on what the species of parrot you’re buying should be feed. All parrots are usually given a diet consisting of seeds. You’ll need to provide pellets that are nutritionally balanced, cooked grains, as well as cooked legumes. Also provide your parrot with fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also give them walnuts as well as almonds, but less.

There are many foods that parrots will fall sick from eating. Chocolate and coffee are prime among these. Also don’t feed your parrot avocados or apple seeds. They shouldn’t be fed peanuts, onions, mushrooms and garlic either. Also don’t let them eat anything sugary, salty, or that has fat.

4. Accessories

Providing your parrot with accessories is essential to their well being. You will find toys that are made of plastic, wood, as well as safe metals. Provide your parrot with various toys, so they can stay engaged. It may take time for you to figure out what kind of accessories your parrot likes.

Caring and Grooming For Your Parrot

You will need to bathe your parrot daily, and groom them as well. You’ll need to trim their nails. If you think you can’t trim your parrots nails, then you can get a vet to do this for you. You will also need to have styptic powder available. Have some other clotting agent ready as well, in case you cut the parrot’s nail too short. Flour or even cornstarch also works great during an emergency.

You can also think about trimming the feathers on their wings. This is still a controversial topic among parrot owners. You can talk to your vet to learn what the pros and cons are. Sometimes, your pet parrot may also need to have their beak trimmed. If this is the case, then it’s best to leave this to a vet or a bird groomer.

Conclusion on Buying a Parrot

Your parrot should have the right size bird cage for them. You should always opt for a cage that is bigger in size. Provide them with lots of accessories to play with in their bird cage as well. Use this guide to learn more about how to care for your pet parrot.