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Fish Pond Pump – Why are they used?

Fish Pond Pump

Fish Pond Pump


A Fish Pond Pump is used in Fish ponds and adds to beauty to your home. The sound of water rippling and the sight of swimming fish bring a sense of tranquility to your home. It is important to make sure that you build a pond away from gusty winds and areas of leaf fall and direct sunlight. Areas that are partially covered by a shade are ideal for the maintenance of a clean pond and the health of the fish.

What Is The Purpose Of Using A Fish Pond Pump?

Since ponds are not fish tanks, their water cannot be changed. Therefore, pond pumps are required to keep the water circulating to prevent it from becoming stagnant and smelly. Some people who are into fish farming require fish pond pumps in their fish ponds as well.

To Keep the Water Clean

Since fish ponds have standing water which will tend to get dirty with fish waste and food debris, it will need to be pushed through the filter. Pond pumps drive water into the pond’s filtration system and keep it circulating. Since ponds are open, they can collect dirt from the outdoors, excreted waste from the fish, and food debris. All of this needs to be filtered out as it can accumulate to cause harm to the fish.

To Prevent Ammonia Toxicity

Ammonia toxicity occurs when fish eat their own waste products. This can cause a build-up of ammonia in their bodies and is very dangerous and life-threatening for the fish. If the excreted waste is not removed in a timely manner, then there is a danger of ammonia toxicity. To prevent that from happening, a pond pump is an excellent tool to move water along the pond and drive it into the filtering system to be cleaned out.

To Keep the Water Aerated

All living things need oxygen to survive. Fish are no different. However, fish don’t have lungs and live underwater. Instead, they have gills that they use to absorb oxygen through the water. There needs to be a constant supply of oxygen in the water. This comes from the air outside and plants within the pond that release oxygen via photosynthesis.

During the night, plants stop producing oxygen and it is essential to have an aerating system. This can be achieved with pond pumps. Pond pumps push water across the pond preventing it from stagnating. This helps to create ripples and oxygen to enter the water.

An air pump can also be used in large ponds to create bubbles that add oxygen to the pond.

To Prevent the Water from Stagnating a Fish Pond Pump is used.

Since pond pumps have strong motors that propel water and encourage circulation within the pond, they prevent water from becoming stagnant. Standing water tends to become dirty and smelly and becomes a breeding ground for disease. This can be harmful to fish. Hence pond pumps are quite useful in preventing stagnation of water in the pond.

To Maintain the Eco Balance of the Pond

Since ponds are standing water and not streams or running water, there needs to be a system in place to balance the ecosystem of the pond. There are plants, fish, and pests such as algae. To maintain a healthy balance in the pond, pumps must be used to maintain circulation and aeration.

They Are Submersible, So They Don’t Make Too Much Noise and Are Not Noticeable

Pond pumps are placed below the water, so they do not make too much noise. Since they are not visible, they also do not ruin the aesthetics of your pond. The tranquility of your pond will not be affected by the placement of a pond pump.

What Type of Fish Pond Pump Should You Get?

Depending on the size of your pond, its depth, and the kind of fish, you can choose between different types of pumps. You can consult with our expert team to guide you. We have been manufacturing and supplying pet accessories for over 30 years now.

Goyo Pets are pet stores located in the UK and supplying worldwide. We deal in pond pumps, pond testing kits, pond aeration, and pond filtration equipment. Just give us a call and let us make your fish pond dream come true!

Is a Filter Necessary?

A filter is very necessary for the pond. Since, unlike a fish tank, a pond cannot be emptied and replaced, filters are essential to keep the water in the pond free of harmful waste products and excess debris and to maintain the health of your fish.

How Long Should A Fish Pond Pump Be Running?

The fish pond pump needs to be running continuously for 24 hours for efficient functioning and maintaining circulation in the pond.

The Bottom Line

Fish ponds are a lovely addition to your home. If you have the space in your garden for it, it adds to the aesthetic of your home. Those who are interested in fish farming have large fish ponds as well. To maintain the health of your fish and keep the water circulating, clean and aerated, it is essential to have a pond pump.

If you want to build a fish pond in your home or already have one and are looking for a fish pond filter, Goyo Pets are the best pet stores out there. You name it, and we’ve got it. Established in 1973, we have more than 30 years of experience in all sorts of pet supplies and equipment. We deliver worldwide!