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Garden Pond Pump

Garden Pond Pumps



Garden Pond Pump ‘s certainly brings your pond to life. The movement, ripples, waves, reflections and the sounds of moving water makes it a great place to sit, it dramatic enhances the beauty of your pond and your enjoyment of it.

More importantly, a pond pump will help in maintaining the health of your pond creating circulation and aerating of the water. Good aeration will allow oxygen levels within the water to maintain higher levels even during hotter weather, when fish are at most risk.

A pond pump is the main body organ of the pond, ensuring water runs through ultra violet clarifiers and filters, or to waterfalls and fountains, adding life to the feature.

Which Pond Pump?

At goYo Pets, you will find many pumps and many different types and sizes. They are normally categorised into five groups as follows:

A small pond pump designed to operate features such as pebble holes/pools, fountains, ornaments or small self-contained features. They aren’t particularly suited for use in a garden pond due to the size of the prefilter. Most models come with selected fountain attachments.

Waterfall – Fountain – Feature pumps

General-Purpose Pumps are an all-round garden pond pump designed to operate fountains, waterfalls and even filters simultaneously. They usually come complete with various fountain jets and most now have a foam less prefilter for lower maintenance. This garden pump is perfect for most ponds up to a medium sized garden pond. These pumps are ideal to be used for fountains because the prefilter protects the small holes in the fountain head from constantly blocking, which is a great benefit. However, the prefilter is still fine and does not allow larger solids to pass through to the filter, which is beneficial with koi carp or in larger ponds.

Waterfall – Filter Pumps

Designed to allow soft larger particles/solids to pass through the pump making these pumps perfect for filtration and pond cleaning as they deliver waste straight to the filter. Also great for waterfalls as they rarely block or need maintaining.  The design of these pumps, they are not suitable for running fountains. Many people will use one of these pumps to operate a waterfall/filtration continuously and use a general-purpose pump to operate a fountain which is off when required.

Solar Pumps

Solar powered pumps are mostly for use with small feature/fountain pumps.

All In One Garden Pond Pump

A pond pump that combines both a biological filter and ultra violet classifier creating a great integrated pump. Best for smaller ponds with low stock.

A few plumbing tips for Garden Pond Pump

Always use the recommended hose size for the pump. Pumps generally produce volume rather than pressure and the smaller diameter of the hose or inline restrictions will seriously reduce water flow.
Avoid very long lengths of hose.
Always ensure any stepped hose tails have been cut to the correct size.
Always use clips to secure your hose to fittings.
Try and keep plumbing as simple as possible.

A few positioning tips for Garden Pond Pump

Position the pump to maximise circulation.
Keep the pump a couple of inches off the pond base with a brick.
Remember you may need regular access to the pump.
If running in the winter bring the pump onto a plant shelf (This helps the fish over winter successfully).