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Whelping Box Fleece Lining



Vet Pet fleece can be machine washed 40c Wash Maximum. It is sold in white and has a green backing. The fleece will allow urine etc to pass through the fleece, stopping the upper surface from becoming saturated. Ideally absorbent pads should then be placed under the fleece where they can collect the fluids

Bedding is made from 100% virgin polyester, traditionally known as veterinary pet fleece bedding.
Deep pile & comfortable feel.
Easily cut and shaped – ideal inserts for plastic dog beds – carry cages etc.
Does not support microbiological growth.
Seven care bedding fabric colours available.
Weight 1800 grams per linear metre
Pile Height 30mm
40c Wash Maximum

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Pet fleece 24" x 24" (610mm x 610mm), Pet fleece 30" x 30" (760mm x 760mm), Pet fleece 36" x 36" (915mm x 915mm), Pet fleece 40" x 40" (1015mm x 1015mm), Pet fleece 48" x 48" (1220mm x 1220mm)


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