Snake vivariums? Why they make good Pets!

Snake vivariums? Why they make good Pets! Snake vivariums are the perfect home for keeping a snake or other reptile in. The vivarium allows them plenty of room to move around and stretch out. Also, a vivarium is very difficult for a snake or other reptiles to escape from due to the slipperiness of the […]

Reptile, Snake, Lizard, Iguana facts

Some interesting Reptile, Snake, Lizard, Iguana, facts Reptile, Snake, Lizard, Iguana, turtles, crocodilians (such as alligators, crocodiles, and gharials), and snakes are all examples of creatures that belong to the category of reptiles, which are animals that live on land, some are kept as pets in the UK and require specialist housing such as a […]

Reptile Facts – Interesting facts about Reptiles

Reptile Facts Reptile Facts – A reptile or other animal with scales on its skin and cold blood whose young hatch from eggs, such as crocodiles and snakes. People of all ages are drawn to reptiles because they are intriguing and unique animals. The majority of reptiles are not domesticated, and some species are wonderful […]

Reptile Vivarium Setup

Reptile Vivarium Reptile Vivarium can hold more than 7780 species (not at once) that fall within the class of Reptilia. There are certain kinds of reptiles, such as the common adder, that is found in the Arctic regions. Many other kinds of reptiles thrive in warmer environments as well. So how do you set up […]