Heat Pads for Guinea Pigs

Benefits of Heat Pads for Guinea Pigs     Heat Pads for Guinea Pigs, especially younger ones or those without a lot of fur, are incapable of regulating their body temperature. Broadly speaking, guinea pigs are attracted to warmth and warm places – anything below 15.6 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit), is too cold for […]

Pet Heat Pads? Are they Safe for Guinea Pigs

Are Pet Heat Pads Safe for Guinea Pigs? Pet Heat Pads used for Guinea pigs! Guinea Pigs make great pets; not only are they adorable and friendly, they are generally healthy and low-maintenance. That said, guinea pig owners do need to take a few measures to keep their pets healthy and happy, such as using […]

Guinea Pig Cage and 5 Riveting Guinea Pig Facts

5 Riveting Guinea Pig Facts and Guinea Pig Cage explained   Owning a guinea pig and keeping them in a guinea pig cage can be an extremely gratifying and rewarding experience. These little beings can provide companionship, love, and laughs and even help reduce stress levels. However, owning a pet isn’t all fun and games […]