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Dog Pregnancy Detector



The Draminski Pregnancy Detector is the most successful dog pregnancy detector worldwide.

Quick and straight-forward to use
The detector is also highly economical to maintain. All it requires to work are batteries (these come included and will last years!) and oil to make contact with the skin. Once you’ve used your free bottle of oil, you can simply refill it with standard cooking oil.

Early, accurate pregnancy detection plays a vital role in efficient breeding management. The Draminski dog pregnancy detector is a hand-held, portable device that will quickly and easily identify pregnant and non-pregnant bitches.

It works by locating amniotic fluid inside the uterus. The ultrasonic probe is pressed against the animal’s skin, and emits ultrasonic sound waves which are reflected by the amniotic fluid in the uterus of a pregnant bitch, and returned back to the probe.

These reflections are measured and analysed by the detector, and pregnancy is signaled by a pulsing light and continuous sound.

Please see our Ultra Sound Scanners Limitations of Purchase under Terms & Condition page.

Please note it can take upto 14 days for delivery of this item.

Please note that due to Health and Hygiene reasons these machines are none refundable, if the item is faulty it will be fixed and returned.


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