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MSU Dog Scanner



Keep stress levels (not to mention expenses!) to a minimum by eliminating unnecessary visits to the vet.
Know whether your bitch is pregnant or not from the comfort of your own home.
Watch the puppies develop, know how many to expect, and even tell their gender (as you get more experienced in scanning!).

The MSU1 is a full veterinary ultrasound, allowing you not only to diagnose pregnancy, but to scan for pathology. Your package includes:

Ultrasound scanner come in various colours normally black or green (with 5″7 monitor and ergonomic keyboard)
High resolution, high penetrating 3.5mhz mechanical sector probe

Internal lithium battery
FREE Premium Quality Oxhide Case

The MSU1 utilises all-digital mechanical sector imaging technology, for excellent image quality, high resolution and high penetration. This model has been featured at Medica, demonstrated at the London Vet Show and was featured at this year’s BSAVA. It is particularly popular for pregnancy scanning in dogs, pigs, sheep, goats and llamas, due to its penetration and portability.

As well as excellent software and calculation packages, the MSU1 offers real-time dynamic imaging and harmonic imaging (removes artifacts).

You simply cannot get this kind of quality, value for money and ease of use elsewhere.

Please see our UltraSound Scanners Limitations of Purchase under Terms & Condition page.

Please note it can take upto 14 days for delivery of this item.

Please note that due to Health and Hygiene reasons these machines are none refundable, if the item is faulty it will be fixed and returned.


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