Aquarium fish

Introduction to Aquarium Fish An aquarium, also known as an aquarium or an aquaria, is a type of vivarium that has at least one transparent side and is used for the display of aquatic plants and animals. Aquaria are used by fish keepers to house a variety of aquatic organisms, including fish, crustaceans, amphibians, aquatic […]

Fish filter – Does a Fish Tank Need one?

Fish filter – Does a Fish Tank Need one? Fish Filter in your tank is very important. You need to put many things in place before you can get fish if you plan to get a fish tank and/or aquarium at your home. The fish tank is, of course, necessary. The question whether you should […]

Aquarium Testing Kit

Aquarium Testing Kit, Fish Feeding and Fish Health Fish Feeding Aquarium Testing Kit – Aquarium water quality is the most important aspect of an aquarium closely followed by proper feeding it is obvious but essential to keeping your fish healthy. Keeping an aquarium testing¬†to hand is a good idea. Well fed fish have a much […]