Purchasing a parrot Cage, things to remember?

Purchasing a parrot Cage, things to remember when purchasing a parrot? Birds are very remarkable forms of life. They amuse us with their humorous antics, talk a lot, and carry themselves as if they are the most important people in the world. It’s no surprise that so many people want to have their very own […]

Kinds of Parrots

The name “parrot” refers to a vast family of colorful and boisterous birds belonging to the family Psittacidae. The term “parrot” can also be used to refer to any member of a wider bird group known as the order Psittaciformes. This order also include the family Cacatuidae, which includes cockatoos. Since ancient times, people have […]

Interesting facts about Parrots and Budgies

For those more accustomed to cuddly mammalian companions, pet parrots and budgies can be amazing options. Long-lived, smart, and extremely social parrots require a lot of care and stimulation. Or else they could develop undesirable habits and become so bored and upset that they start plucking out their own feathers. While budgies make amusing and […]

What is the Correct Size Of Cage to Use For Your Birds?

While a cage can offer a pet bird a secure haven and a comfortable living space, most cages are too tiny to let birds fly freely. It can severely limit the bird’s ability to exercise and exhibit typical behaviour. They should therefore have access to a flight aviary or be given frequent opportunities to fly […]

Buying Your First Pet Bird Or Parrot?

Buying Your First Pet Bird Or Parrot? Birds make excellent pets, and parrots are one of the most popular kinds of pets that you can own. But if you’ve never cared for a pet parrot before, then you may be wondering what you’re supposed to do. Pet parrots are very popular since they are intelligent, […]